Aktuelle Projekte und Publikationen werden regelmäßig im Promotionskolleg der NRW School of Governance vorgestellt und diskutiert.

Recent projects and publications are regularly discussed in the doctoral-college of the NRW School of Governance.

The research profile of the NRW School of Governance compromises current themes and issues concerning the management of political ideas, mediated politics, comparative politics as well as public policy- and governance research. Another major research area is rooted in the regional politics of Germanys most densely populated state: North Rhine-Westfalia.    

Furthermore a myriad of research perspectives focuses on the European- and International-level. At the NRW School of Governance we utilize a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological approaches for our research, incorporating the wide range of political science research conducted at Institute for political Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen, one of the biggest Institutes for political Science in Germany.

The NRW School of Governance bundles the research activities of three professorial chairs of Prof. Dr. Karl-Rudolf Korte, Prof. Dr. Andreas Blätte and Prof. Dr. Christoph Bieber and includes senior research projects, dissertational projects, research groups as well as students research projects.

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