Teaching & Qualification

Heiko Kretschmer zu Gast im Haniel Master Course am 24.01.2012

Master-Students during a discussion with a guest-lecturer in the Haniel Master Course

At the NRW School we Governance we offer a distinctive profile in teaching and qualification which comprises three focal points for different audiences.

One of the core functions of the NRW School of Governance lies in the administration of the Master-Program “Political management, public policy and public administration”, which is offered by the Institute of political Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The applied Master-Programme is designed for Graduate Students with a background in social- and political-science and qualifies for executive positions in politics, the economy, media and administration.

Secondly, the NRW School of Governance provides individual and apposite qualifications for professional target audiences. We offer a wide range of trainings from applied workshops to compact evening-, block- or weekend-seminars.

Thirdly, the NRW School of Governance is engaged in political education projects in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia. A joint programme with the Sparda-Bank West for example brings three different thematic modules to the classrooms of secondary schools. Researchers of the NRW School of Governance team up with renowned experts of political parties, legislative-processes and mediated politics in individually designed seminars in order to impart basic institutional and processual elements of the german political system and to introduce the students to current trends and themes in political science.

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